A new sleep, rest and wellbeing experience. With Dorelan Emozione we aimed for a new level of sleep and well-being. We started our research by analyzing physical needs and data, change of habits, and paths to restore mental and physical balance. Years of research have confirmed that quality sleep is a key element of cognitive behavioral therapy, as it helps reduce stress and anxiety thus improving the quality of life. These findings have pushed us forward and we have looked at studies done on how to improve general well being. Through this journey we have come to develop Dorelan Emozione, the ultimate expression of our company.


TWIN $1,687
TWIN XL $1,702
FULL $2,322
QUEEN $2,594
KING $3,043


Product Features

Mattress - Emozione - Side Cut Section - Image

Mattress - Emozione - Side Cut Section - Description

Myform Memory Clima

Designed to be placed in the surface layers of the mattress, it helps to regulate the temperature of contact between the body and the mattress thanks to the action of the D/Cool miscrospheres, improving rest.

Dorelan Regen

Composed of an innovative molecular structure, it increases the ability of the mattress to follow the shape of the body in any resting position, while maintaining a fast retraction that improves support and reduces motion transfer.

Myform Memory Air HD

Breathable material with gradual retraction and small molecules that mold to the shape of the body, relieving pressure at key points.

Myform Extension

Elastic, breathable and provides excellent support, balance and solidness. Guaranteed duration over time, constant performance levels and high resistance to stress.

Myform Air

Designed and built for use in warmer seasons, or for those in need of excellent breathability. The structure contains a high number of channels that guarantee the passage of air for all kinds of use.

Removable Slim Cover with 360° Zipper

Cover made of fabric only with a perimeter zipper that allows the cover itself to be divided into two parts for easy and practical machine washing (delicate cycle maximum 85° F).

Emozione 3D fabric

Breathable three-dimensional fabric designed to facilitate the passage of air and improve sleep comfort.

Mattress - Emozione - Section 2



Well-being can become measurable and tangible through lifestyle and a healthy body. Mind and body balance is a combination of behavior, awareness and use of the right tools. The purpose of the Emozione Project is to understand human needs to provide the right solutions and design technologies to improve well-being. Our body is meant to move, bend and turn and Dorelan has designed Emozione to offer you true rest and good sleep.

Mattress - Emozione - Section 2 MyForm Regen


We focused on movements and weight distribution, elasticity and quality of materials, comfort, temperature control, ergonomics and design. The result is Myform Regen, the proof that science, technology and experience can be combined to create products that promote health. REGEN improves the quality of your sleep, rest and promotes wellbeing.

Mattress - Emozione - Section 2 Emozione Fabric


Emozione, the fabric we use in our Emozione mattress, is the result of an innovative process which combines two different technologies designed to create a threedimensional fabric capable of supporting the high ergonomic capabilities of the mattress structure. Emozione has several micro-channels which allow high air circulation, while retaining softness and elasticity in order to deliver optimal sleep comfort.

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