Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking to purchase a product suitable for my children, which ones would you recommend?

The excellence and comfort we build into all of our high-quality bedding is appropriate for people of all ages, including children. However, if you are looking for Dorelan products researched and built specifically with children in mind, check out these beautifully crafted items:

  • MySleep Collection
    Incorporating research from many different sleepers, including children, our MySleep Collection is perfect for creating a bedroom that ensures health-inspiring sleep for children.
  • MyBaby Mattress
    Perfect for the littlest sleepers, the MyBaby mattress features anti-mite technology for hygiene and health, MyForm Extension technology for comfort, and the best research to support their growth and wellbeing.
  • Cico Mattress
    Our commitment to the comfort of the smallest sleepers is also evident in our Cico mattresses. Built with interconnected springs, this mattress embraces the height of technology and research to support your child every time they sleep.

I’m interested in your products, where can I find information on prices?

You can view details about all of our products in our online catalog, as well as request more information and find out about pricing for the products you fall in love with.

How do I find out the name of the product I purchased and relevant warranty?

Here at Dorelan, your satisfaction and comfort are our highest priority. That is why our products come with a 5-year warranty designed to give you peace of mind and the fastest possible resolution of any issues you experience.

You can find the name of your beautiful Dorelan product and any relevant warranties by checking the labeling that comes with the product. If you have lost the labeling, you can always contact Dorelan's customer service here for assistance in tracking your product and purchase. We are always happy to help.

I’m interested in your Dorelan products, where can I find a store?

We would love to have you stop by our Miami showroom. Located at 6399 Biscayne Blvd. #100 in Miami, it houses some of our very best products for you to browse. Find out more here. We look forward to seeing you!

Are your mattresses available in the United States?

Absolutely! 😄

You're currently in our U.S. store, but Dorelan products are available for purchase throughout the United States and in Europe.

Where can I test your mattresses?

At the moment, the only way to try our beds in the U.S. is at our physical store in Miami at 6399 Biscayne Blvd Suite 100. You can also experience Dorelan in Italy or in one of the many hotels or cruise lines that choose our luxury Italian mattresses.

Are you shipping worldwide?

Our shipping is currently limited to Europe and in almost all places in the U.S. Despite our best efforts, certain areas outside of delivery centers may be unreachable. To find out if your area is eligible for delivery, please contact us.

Are available to ship to NJ?

Our shipping is currently limited to Europe and in almost all places in the U.S. Despite our best efforts, certain areas outside of delivery centers may be unreachable. To find out if your area is eligible for delivery, please contact us.

What are the differences between Delizia, Volonta, and Armonioso?

Glad you asked! 🤓

Delizia, Volontà, and Armonioso are three of our popular MyForm pillows, each offering unique features:

  • Delizia: Designed for various body types and sleep positions. It uses innovative Regen material for neck support and pressure reduction. Plus, it has a breathable cover for a cool night's sleep.
  • Volontà: Boasts orthopedic cervical contouring with two height options, ideal for specific neck support.
  • Armonioso: Combines MyForm Memory HD with MyForm Air for ultimate comfort and ergonomics. Also offers orthopedic cervical contouring in two thicknesses for personalized support.

How can I purchase it online?

It’s easy! 😁

Simply, find the product you want on our website (, fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page and one of our sales agents will be in touch with you as soon as possible to complete the purchase and organize delivery. 👌

What materials are used?

We use only the finest raw materials such as beech plywood, crafted expertly by our artisans at our production site in Italy. It’s taken us years to perfect our quality standards and we’re able to trace all our materials to their origin.

Are your products handmade?

Yes, Dorelan has been making every product by hand in Italy for more than 50 years and continues to uphold our legacy of the finest Italian craftsmanship.

Do your mattresses come with warranties or guarantees?

All our mattresses carry a 5-year warranty for the core, box, and spring system of each product. They also have a 2-year warranty on the cover, strip, handle, accessories, and any parts bought separately.

Some exclusions do apply, however -

Are the mattresses hypoallergenic or suitable for people with allergies?

100% ✅

All our mattresses, pillows, and toppers ensure a high standard of hygiene throughout their life. Our products are hypoallergenic and our Fibersan fabric is subjected to anti-bed bug anti-dust mite treatment. 🚫

How do I choose the right firmness level for my mattress or pillow?

The firmness you enjoy is all a matter of personal preference, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Plush/Soft: Suitable for side sleepers because you get the contouring feel with a bit of resistance against sinkage.
  • Medium-Soft: Also good for side sleepers and some back sleepers who prefer a balance between support and softness.
  • Medium: Suitable for a wide range of sleepers, including back sleepers, combination sleepers, and some side sleepers.
  • Medium-Firm: Ideal for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers who need added support to maintain proper spinal alignment.
  • Firm: Suitable for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who prefer a sturdy, supportive surface.
  • Extra Firm: This level provides very minimal sinkage and is best for stomach sleepers or individuals who require maximum support and a rigid sleeping surface.

How long can I expect the mattress to last?

If you follow our care guidelines, use a protector, and turn your mattress over regularly as recommended on the label, it should last you 10 to 15 years. 👌