The WARRANTY covers the repair or replacement of the product or any defective part, without charge, for any material or production defect. In case of a defect, the products or the defective part or parts are guaranteed by B&T S.p.A. according to the following schematic:

Mattresses Core / Box / Spring system 5 years 2 years Legal Warranty (under the Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005) + 3 years Commercial Warranty
Cover, Strip, Handle 2 years Legal Warranty (under the Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005)
Accessories (zips, labels, etc.)
Parts purchased separately (e.g., cover, core)
Bed Bases, Pillows, Covers, Mattress covers, Bed base covers, Sommiers, Headboards and Sofabed 2 years Legal Warranty (under the Italian Legislative Decree 206/2005)

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty is excluded in the following cases:

  • Compromised hygienic conditions, in particular, if the mattress is dirty with organic liquids (Legislative Decree 81/08 to protect the health of workers)
  • Subjective dissatisfaction with the performance and/or characteristics of the product as found at the time of purchase (e.g. too soft/stiff, retains/disperses too much heat, etc.)
  • Damage caused by transport or handling that is not contested at the time of delivery
  • Modification of the product in whole or in part
  • Improper use of the product or negligence in its use and/or storage
  • Deteriorations due to normal wear and tear or damage attributable to the user (e.g. tear holes)
  • Mold formation that occurs at least 4 months after the product delivery date; laboratory tests show that after 4 months of use, any formation of mold derives from a contamination of the external environment.
  • Failure to follow the instructions in the warranty booklet
  • Any defect caused by the use of bed linen that produces pilling when in contact with the cover (e.g. poor quality bed linen or mattress covers)

Dorelan declines all responsibility for any damage caused to persons, things or animals resulting from failure to observe the provisions laid out in the warranty booklet.

Reporting Claims
Any reporting or requests for information should be made by contacting the company via email: - export@dorelan.it

The service department will respond in the order in which emails are received.

The Point of Sale will handle the User's claim.

Definition of claim management phases

Phase 1

Review of the defect reported:
Product and its surrounding environment will be examined through detailed photos of the defect, the entire product, the support, and the label with the bar code.

Person responsible
Point of Sale / Agent

Phase 2

Evaluation of the product's condition, regardless of the defect:
The product must be presented in a proper and hygienic state, well maintained and without indication of tampering.

Person responsible
Point of Sale / Agent

Phase 3

Defining the cause of the problem under examination:

  • B&T (manufacturing defect) – management under warranty
  • User – commercial management
  • Customer / transport – warranty management due to defects related to logistics which may have an influence on the hygienic quality of the product (stains, mold, foreign matter, pests or their traces)

Person responsible
Forwarder / Point of Sale / Agent

Phase 4

Defining the type of defect under evaluation:

  • Bed base accessories (e.g., slat supports-sliders-corner elements)
  • Change due to heat
  • Change due to odor
  • Change due to core / box
  • Defective zip
  • Defective stitching
  • Difference in thickness
  • Defective slats
  • B&T loading error
  • Transport delivery error
  • Agent order error
  • B&T order error
  • Customer order error
  • Cover slack
  • Metal struts broken-defective
  • Sunken mattress
  • Measurements do not correspond
  • Spring system/core with defect
  • Bed base motor
  • Mildew < 4 months
  • Mildew > 4 months
  • Presence of foreign matter
  • Presence of pests or their traces
  • Product wet from humidity
  • Product damaged from washing
  • Product stained
  • Product noisy
  • Bed base dented-scratched
  • Fabric with holes
  • Fabric with pilling
  • Variation in support

Person responsible
Forwarder / Point of Sale / Agent

Phase 5

Request for authorization approval to manage return.

Person responsible
Point of Sale / Agent

Phase 6

Delivery to B&T S.p.A. Service Department of the following information: Type of defect, cause of defect, condition of product with forwarding of photo of product and request for authorization of return.

Person responsible
Point of Sale / Agent

Phase 7

Await confirmation of authorization by B&T S.p.A. Return authorization approval.

Person responsible
Point of Sale / Agent Service Dept.

Phase 8

Return management: transport document drafting, packing of returned items, return labeling

Person responsible
Point of Sale