Bel Paese

The classic and refined design of our Bel Paese mattress belies a durability that makes it ideal for even the heaviest of sleepers. Fitted with our powerful LFK open coil system and MyForm Memory formula, this mattress offers unwavering support molded to the sleeper's body regardless of shape, size or weight. Sleep deeply, sleep well, and wake refreshed with a bed designed to cradle you firmly all night long.


TWIN $1,712
TWIN XL $1,737
FULL $2,349
QUEEN $2,586
KING $3,069

HEIGHT : 11" ¾

Product Features

Mattress - Bel Paese - Side Cut Section - Image

Mattress - Bel Paese - Side Cut Section - Description

LFK Coil

The interconnected LFK open coil system is resilient and responsive and is well suited to support the heaviest of bodies, increasing the support offered by the mattress and improving its durability.

Myform Memory

Gradually retracting material designed to conform to the shape of the body, reducing pressure points and thereby improving the overall comfort of the mattress.

Classic Tailoring Cover

Classic design and refined performance cover with two sides of use with Myform Memory padding and polyester fiber designed to improve comfort and relieve pressure while maintaining proper surface breathability.

Perimeter handles

Four sturdy handles sewn onto the sides make everyday maintenance easy and convenient.

Dorelan Box System

This solid box containing the coils ensures a strong edge, prevents sagging and improves the strength and durability of the mattress.

Dual Comfort

The special internal structure, with one side consisting of Myform Memory, makes it possible to adjust the firmness of the two sides of the mattress in order to better meet differing sleep needs.

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