The Art of Layering Bedding for Ultimate Comfort

Exquisite rest starts with an exquisite bed. From the mattress you choose to the way you fold your duvet, creating a look and a feel of comfort helps your body relax the moment you slip into bed. There is no one right way to layering bedding. Nor are beautifully made beds reserved for hotels and cruise lines. With a few tips and a little practice, you can put together ultimate comfort with your own quality bedding.  Here is how. 

Start with a high-quality mattress

king sized bed

A great night of sleep starts with the mattress you sleep on. The better this essential foundation is, the easier it will be to add sheets, blankets, pillows, and more to achieve a bed that is a genuine pleasure to use. 

In fact, superior quality mattresses are one of the reasons hotel beds are often considered so much more comfortable than beds at home. They begin with designer mattresses that are designed for comfort, breathability, and support. 

If you want a similarly cozy sleep experience every night, you should invest in a high-quality mattress like those at Dorelan. Blending art and science, every one of our products is built with Italian quality and innovative research to support temperature regulation, body responsiveness, durability, comfort, and beauty. When your foundation blends perfect support and exquisite comfort, everything you add to it will enhance its appeal and transform your space into a luxurious place to sleep well. 

Add a mattress topper for maximum comfort

king sized bed with a modern interior and a mattress

While high-quality mattresses should respond to individual bodies to deliver support exactly where it is needed, you may find that your comfort is enhanced with a mattress topper. Choose a product that is adaptable to various body types and that is removable for convenient washing. 

Layering this bedding on top of your mattress can help you to further customize your sleep experience, add some softness without compromising on the support your mattress gives, and create a little bit of luxury for you or your guests. Don't forget to add a waterproof mattress pad underneath to protect your bed against any spills or accidents. 

Choose soft and breathable sheets

Sheets are an essential part of any layered bedding. Intended to keep your mattress clean and protected, the right ones can also contribute to your overall experience of indulgence while you sleep. The type of sheet you choose will depend upon your preferences. Do you love the feel of silky satin? Do you crave the smoothness of cotton? Do you want to make a statement of elegance with linen? 

Regardless of the style of your sheets, make sure that they are comfortable, beautiful, and breathable. Also opt for higher thread counts to get a softer feel and a longer-lasting product. By allowing air flow throughout the bed and delivering a cool and soothing feel, a set of fitted and top sheets will add a touch of comfort that will enhance you or your guests' sleep experience. 

What color should your sheets be? Neutral colors often make the best bases for adding colors and textures. Pure white gives a sense of crisp elegance, while off-white or ivory provides a more homey look that is also less prone to showing dirt. 

Layer Two Duvets

A duvet is one of the bedding layers that really says “Comfort.” Soft, fluffy, and elegant, they belong on almost any bed. However, if you really want to achieve ultimate comfort, and versatility, consider TWO duvets instead of one. 

On top of your flat sheet should go a lightweight duvet appropriate for the warmer months. Tuck this one in all around the edge of your bed so the edges do not peek out underneath your top duvet. 

Then layer a warmer, fluffier duvet. You can remove this one during the summer months, and add it back on during the cold weather, or simply remove it when you go to bed at night. 

This is the chance to start adding color to your bedding. Available in many shades and styles, duvets allow you to create a look that matches your home, bedroom, and preferences while keeping that undeniable look of luxury. 

Add height and texture with pillows

a kid sleeping peacefully

Part of a comfortable bed is one you can sink into. Avoid a flat, and less appealing, look by adding height with the clever use of pillows. Go big, with European shams that are a bit wider and longer than standard American shams. Place these against the headboard as a backdrop to the rest of your pillows and as a cozy way to support your back when sitting up in bed. Use one for a twin bed, two for a double bed or queen bed, and three for a king-sized bed. 

On top of these large pillows, add the pillows you will actually use to sleep. Then layer those with decorative throws. When adding pillows, this is your chance to add color and texture to your bed layering. Add covers that reflect your personality. Mix and match prints and textures. And when adding throw pillows, stick to odd numbers:  3, 5, or 7 will look best. 

Finish the look with blankets or quilts

The duvet should usually be the top layer of your bedding, adding a finished look of elegance and luxury. In order to add texture to your bed, however, you can layer blankets or quilts over the duvet at the end of the bed. 

This look gives you or your guests options for staying warm on chilly nights while adding visual interest to your bed. Finally, make sure to turn your bedding down when you are finished layering. This allows all the colors and textures throughout your bedding to show up, creating an inviting space where sleep beckons. 

Layering bedding to create ultimate comfort is an art form you can master. At Dorelan, we have mastered the art and the science of creating Italian luxury mattresses and pillows that deliver unforgettable rest. Add them to your perfectly layered bed to enjoy supportive sleep that delivers great days.


The average person spends 33 years of their life sleeping. Sleeping well makes us feel better, more alert, energetic, and better able to concentrate and perform. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Read our magazine for the ultimate guide to a good night’s rest!