Why hotel mattresses are more comfortable

If you relax as soon as you enter your hotel room in anticipation of a comfortable night of rest in the bed, then you know a universal truth: That hotel beds are simply more comfortable than the average bed at home. But have you ever wondered why hotel mattresses are more comfortable? There is no magic to this experience, just some thoughtful choices in bedding that you may be able to replicate in your own home.

1. Hotel quality mattresses are chosen for their supportiveness

The right support for your body is key to a good night's rest. That is why hotels select mattresses that have been designed for maximum support and spinal alignment. The high-quality bedding preferred in the hospitality industry is almost always a medium firmness to provide the right mix of comfort and firmness for back support.

In addition, hotel quality mattresses usually have the following features:

  • Designs that relieve pressure points on joints and the spine
  • Ability to align the spine appropriately throughout the night
  • Hybrid, innerspring, or foam structures

In addition, hotels often test their mattresses rigorously before putting them in their rooms. This testing ensures that the mattresses maximize comfort for the largest number of guests.

2. Hotel mattresses are durable

Premium support matters very little if the mattress loses comfort and support after a few months. Hotel mattresses endure heavy use by many people over the course of several years. They have to provide consistent luxury and comfort for every guest.

As a result, hotels invest in durable mattresses designed by reliable and trustworthy businesses. Often, this means that luxury hotels choose mattresses made out of premium materials and crafted by skilled tradesmen and experienced businesses to last for many years.

3. Hotels select breathable mattresses

Mattresses have to provide satisfactory temperature regulation in every season in order to deliver ultimate comfort. Hotels make their money on their ability to deliver a cozy and unforgettable experience of rest every night. As a result, they invest in mattresses known for their ability to regulate temperature.

How does a mattress provide this consistent level of comfort?

  • Materials known for breathability
  • Premium sheets of at least 300 count
  • Structures that dissipate heat and/or preserve warmth throughout the night

4. Hotels select pillows that offer superior head support

While the mattress is key to a good night's sleep, the pillow plays an important role as well. Most hotels provide a variety of pillows, so guests can choose the one that is most comfortable for their sleeping position and physical needs.

All provided pillows, however, have certain features in common. They are supportive, providing good spinal alignment. They are fluffy and cozy to lay on. Furthermore, they are often filled with down or a down substitute for easy maintenance and the best possible experience of comfort. Lastly, pillows are durable in order to deliver an exquisite sleep experience night after night.

5. Hotels invest in beautiful beds

A supportive and comfortable mattress will not provide the same experience as a supportive and comfortable mattress in a beautiful bedroom. That is why hotels invest time and money into creating rooms that are soothing and beautiful.

From eliminating clutter to adopting white or light colors to create a "halo effect" that makes the entire room look more inviting, these strategies help you to relax both before and during sleep for better rest.

The hotel bed often contributes to this scene of serenity and calm. The best hotel beds and mattresses boast beautiful designs and are covered in pleasing fabrics. Put together with the rest of the room, these beds serve as an inviting centerpiece where ultimate rest is achievable.

The reasons why hotel mattresses are more comfortable actually have little to do with the fact that they are in a hotel and more to do with their design, appearance, and construction. That is why you may be able to recreate your favorite hotel bed in your own home.

Choose a comfortable, supportive, beautiful, and high-quality bed (and bedding) from a leading craftsman of bedding, like Dorelan. Our mattresses are used throughout the hospitality industry worldwide, because our thoroughly researched and intelligently designed mattresses deliver exquisite rest, every night. Put them in your own bedroom to experience a bit of luxury hotel comfort in your own home.

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