Maiora bed with headboard in beautifully decorated room

Beautiful surroundings make people happier, so a beautiful bedroom should be considered as essential for good sleep as a supportive and comfortable mattress. At the heart of that bedroom? The bed, designed to support perfect sleep and crafted for jaw-dropping elegance and undisputed comfort.

As the leader in quality, craftsmanship, innovation, and luxury, Italy is the place to look for beds that wow visually and impress with quality sleep. Modern Italian beds are designed to marry form and function for optimal sleep, total comfort, and a sophisticated look that fits seamlessly with any bedroom design.

Here are 4 of our favorite Italian designer beds crafted by Dorelan and ideal for becoming the showcase of your bedroom.


Filosofia italian bed

Dorelan's Filosofia is a bed to dream of, thanks to an elegant form defined by clean, contemporary lines and exquisite beauty. Among beds made in Italy, this one stands out because of its arched headboard, simple luxury, and outstanding performance.

Like all Dorelan beds, the Filosofia is engineered to provide carefully structured support to your choice of Dorelan mattress, offering a deep and uninterrupted night's sleep. This bed is also designed for customization. Purchase this bed to fit a mattress of any size, from twin to California king, and even the less common twin XL size.

Need a bed that fits your bedroom style? Choose from our wide selection of cover fabrics to get the look that meshes with your bedroom and makes you fall in love with your bed every time you look at it. Add in some of Dorelan's most affordable pricing, and you have sophistication at your fingertips, no matter the size of your budget.


Affresco italian bed

With a tall button headboard and many style options, the Affresco bed from Dorelan is the epitome of the contemporary Italian bed. The buttons on the headboard are discrete but sophisticated, embracing a modern luxury trend and adding appeal to the overall design of the bed.

Like most other Dorelan Italian furniture beds, this one comes in every major mattress size, including the following:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

In addition, choose from 4 different cover options, or select your own fabric to get the right look for your bedroom design.

Structured for supportive rest and to fit any of Dorelan's high-quality mattresses, the Affresco is the upscale bed ideal for your luxury mattress and your perfect rest.


Maiora italian bed

Broad and sturdy, the Maiora bed can support any mattress you choose, while serving as a showstopping, eye-catching centerpiece for your bedroom. As one of the leading Italian style beds in the world, the Maiora melds luxury materials with careful engineering to maximize sturdiness and beauty.

With a rectangular headboard that is over 3 feet high, this bed makes a statement across every inch, while making it possible to select a mattress of any size, from twin to California King. Pair this bed with a fabric cover of your choosing, or select from the Maiora's 4 different cover options. Ultimate customization, comfort, and rest are available starting at less than $1,000.


Prospero italian bed

Among luxury Italian beds, the Prospero stands out for its compact build and superbly comfortable appearance. With a decorative headboard and concise lines, the Prospero delivers a night of sleep that is unforgettable - And repeatable - every night. Defined by the use of premium materials crafted with years of experience and tradition, the Prospero is a beautiful addition to any bedroom.

The Prospero is available in any major mattress size, including the twin XL, Italian king-size beds, and the California King. Customize your Prospero with one of Dorelan's 4 choices of cover, or with a fabric of your choice. Incredible luxury and jaw-dropping beauty appear in every stitch of this bed that is built to last.

Italian luxury beds are the epitome of quality and craftsmanship. These four beds from Dorelan are especially crafted for comfort, engineered for support, and designed to last for many years. Embrace a beautiful bedroom and exquisite sleep with a bed that supports every dream you have for rest.

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