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Made in Italy is a superior appellation, synonymous with the highest quality, the finest craftsmanship, creative innovation, and a rich and time-tested tradition. Anything "Made in Italy" can be depended upon as a reliable, beautiful, and exceptional product, but when it comes to mattress design, this label has special meaning.

Beds made in Italy boast time-tested designs.

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Tradition is part of the very fabric of Italian manufacturing, and made in Italy mattresses are no exception. Mattress designs are always changing, but in Italy, these designs are never divorced from the wealth of knowledge and experience that has come before.

By building upon the traditional and proven methods of creating superior bedding, manufacturers like Dorelan create mattress designs that improve upon the designs that came before while maintaining all of the most beautiful and desirable traits of the old ways of doing things.

Innovation and tradition - New and old - Italian mattress designs are a perfect marriage that delivers supportive, restful, and deep sleep for customers.

Italian mattresses are the epitome of luxury.

Luxury Dorelan label

Italian mattresses embrace the highest standards and the very best materials in order to create an outstanding experience of comfort and indulgence. Do not reserve a luxurious sleep experience for boutique hotels or upscale getaways.

Italian manufacturers of bedding believe that you deserve indulgent rest every night. That is why we here at Dorelan craft bedding for your home that is as beautiful, as comfortable, and as exquisitely supportive as the mattresses we deliver to boutique hotels and upscale getaways.

Embrace luxury. Expect comfort. Settle into bedding designed to indulge your every need and desire for rest. Choose Italian mattresses created by Italian manufacturers.

Italian mattress designs contribute to environmental wellness.

Dorelan mattress factory in Italy

Mattresses made in Italy embrace tradition, prioritize comfort, and celebrate luxury - But they also contribute toward the health of the environment. Mattress designs from Italy stand out because Italian manufacturers innovate new ways to craft luxurious rest without harming the world we all share.

Often, this environmental awareness takes shape in the use of natural materials that lower the mattresses' impact on the world. Sometimes, simply creating a longer-lasting product reduces waste and the demand for world-consuming products.

At Dorelan, we participate in the LCA-LifeCycle Assessment Project. By participating in this endeavor, we ensure that every mattress incorporates environmentally-friendly products and smart designs that are good for your rest and good for the environment.

Made in Italy mattress designs are customizable.

Hands attaching Dorelan label on custom mattress

Gone are the days when one mattress design was considered suitable for every sleeper. With the advance of science and input from sleepers all over the world, bedding manufacturers now understand that the elements of a superb mattress varies from sleeper to sleeper.

Today, Italian luxury beds are created to be as individual as the person sleeping on them. From the look of the bed to the fabric used to cover it, from the technology underlying its design to the sleep experience it delivers, individualized bedding leads to improved personal sleep.

That is why Dorelan offers a wide variety of mattresses crafted with specific needs in mind. From mattresses designed for athletic recovery to bedding crafted for the sleep needs of children, sleeping well is possible because a customizable mattress is available.

Sleeping well, and living well, means finding a mattress that supports your body and your rest. Made in Italy mattresses have much to offer, because their unique take on the tradition, innovation, quality, and beauty of the Made in Italy label leads to products that intelligently and luxuriously support your sleep. Discover Dorelan USA today!


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