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Italian bedroom furniture design, in keeping with the reputation of the Made in Italy label, is known for its many desirable qualities, from gorgeous craftsmanship to unmistakable style. Above all, however, these products exist to fulfill the primary purpose of the bedroom: True rest, either in the form of impeccable sleep or exquisite intimacy. Dorelan, as an Italian manufacturer of high-class bedding, embraces the best of modern Italian bedroom furniture. Here is how. 

Dorelan beds are superbly crafted.

Italians believe in quality and durability. Comfort and frugality. That is why their furniture boasts both stunning designs and a sturdiness that can last a lifetime. 

This durability outstrips the short lives of other types of furniture. Why? Because it is built in keeping with centuries of tradition and skill that have been handed down to today's Italian craftsmen. 

Because Dorelan mattresses are made in Italy, they embrace this commitment to superb craftsmanship. The result is bedding that will last for many years. 

How do we build quality into every single bed? 

  • We use the finest raw materials in existence.

These materials contribute to the durability, beauty, comfort, and performance of our bedding. 

  • We incorporate both traditional methods and innovative techniques.

Our processes ensure that every detail of our bedding is made in a way that is proven to last, and proven to meet our customers' needs.  

  • We create each piece of bedding in-house.

By creating our bedding ourselves, we ensure the highest degree of quality control and craftsmanship. 

  • We engage in relentless research to find the very best solutions for every one of our customers.

We never stop improving, innovating, and developing products that improve the sleep experience of our valued customers. 

A Dorelan bed is a lasting bed - A bastion of rest that will help you sleep well and live better for years to come. 

Dorelan beds are beautiful. 

Italian bedroom furniture is made for beauty, because the bedroom is the one place in the home where rest and relaxation are of the highest priority. 

That rest starts when you enter the room and set your eyes upon furnishings that are beautiful, elegantly appointed, and carefully chosen. Thus, Italian bedroom furniture design is minimalistic, modern, clean, elegant, striking, and gorgeous. 

Thanks to the Italian influence on our products, our Italian luxury beds are also gorgeous. Embracing the Italian commitment to minimalism and beauty, not a single detail is added frivolously. 

Instead, each stitch, each clean line, each modern feature and eye-catching design, are created to delight your eyes, support your rest, and turn your bedroom into a destination for true sleep. 

Dorelan beds are luxurious. 

Italians love comfort, and they love luxury. That is why Italian furniture is renowned for its luxurious designs that add a feeling of indulgence to your bedroom. 

Here at Dorelan, we believe that sleep should be so much more than a necessity. The experience of sleep should be luxurious, defined by unmistakable comfort and surrounded by unmistakable beauty. 

Which mattresses do luxury hotels use? Often, they use Dorelan, because our products are renowned as sleep-grade luxury hotel mattresses. Our bedding appears in boutique hotels and large hotel chains around the world. More than 10.000 clients from the hotelier industry have entrusted their customers' comfort and rest to us. The indulgent sleep experience our bedding provides complements the highest standards of luxury hotels. 

Our commitment to luxury means that we make that same comfortable rest available for your own home. Every piece of bedding we create makes an experience of sleep possible that exceeds basic rest and ordinary comfort. Instead, our mattress collections and accessories are designed for a truly restorative sleep. 

Dorelan mattresses are always innovating. 

Italian manufacturing builds on tradition with constant innovation and creativity. Not satisfied to keep making things the same way, Italian bedroom furniture design incorporates ever new ways of solving problems, improving sleep, and adding comfort for every customer. 

Here at Dorelan, we embrace this aspect of Italian bedroom furniture design with a commitment to never-ending research focused on our customer's needs. Our continuous innovation has led to high-technology bedding that

  • Restores athletes
  • Supports children
  • Provides unmatched breathability
  • Offers effective thermoregulation 
  • Delivers customized support
  • Made of unmatched memory foam 
  • And so much more

Endless research and innovation - Here at Dorelan, we are always helping you sleep well and live better with products that meet your sleep needs with ever-improving customizability and effectiveness. 

If you want a great example of Italian bedroom furniture, you need Dorelan bedding. Superb craftsmanship, beautiful designs, luxurious sleep, and innovative bedding allow you to enjoy rest that rejuvenates, refreshes, and restores you. Explore Dorelan today to learn more about the industry-leading bedding that is available to you.

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