For more than 3 decades, the Made in Italy label has been used to define quality goods. More than just a descriptor of where the item originates, this label encompasses 10 characteristics that have come to define top-of-the-line products in everything from fashion to food.  



Made in Italy is synonymous with Made with Quality. Italian items are known for being crafted for durability and beauty. The careful attention to detail that goes into every Italian product ensures that each and every item is made with the same care and to the same high standards. Buying Italian means buying with the confidence that you will receive a well-made, long-lasting, and beautiful item that you can use or gift with pride.


Quality and high standards do not prevent Italy from delivering products that are also defined by creativity and imagination. Nor is Italian creativity limited to traditionally artistic forms such as painting or fashion. Even items such as furniture and eyewear blossom under the creative hands of Italian craftsmen. 


The ideas that creativity generates come to life with Italian innovation. From the radio to the jeans, Italian innovation has been changing the world for centuries. Made in Italy means bringing that kind of innovation into your own home, with new takes on everyday items, like mattresses and clothing. Never content to settle for the status quo, Italian craftsmen are also leading the way in engineering new solutions and approaches to everything they make. 


If there is a problem, Italians want to fix it, and their ability to engineer previously unheard-of remedies is world-renowned. Every Made in Italy label comes with this reputation for originality and success. From creating brand-new sleeping solutions for athletes to crafting new materials for temperature regulation and breathability, for example, Dorelan is exercising originality that improves our customer's sleep, every single night.



Not only does Italy often lead the way in creativity, innovation, and originality, but it also leads the way in style. Fashion, of course, is the first industry that comes to mind when it comes to cutting-edge style. However, Made in Italy style can also extend to everything from jewelry to furniture. The distinctive lines, eye-catching details, and comfort-minded materials create a look that is as irresistible as it is unique and useful. 

Premium Materials

Italian craftsmanship is also known for its superb raw materials. Great products start with great materials, and Italy embraces that truth by pursuing the very best in materials. Jewels, metals, fabrics, and more - Everything is chosen for its quality and durability. That is why we here at Dorelan begin each of our carefully crafted bedding items with an investment in raw materials known for outstanding properties that contribute to the durability, beauty, comfort, support, and performance of our renowned products. 

Skilled Craftsmanship

Incredible materials become incredible products in the hands of skilled craftsmen. The Made in Italy label testifies to the ability of experts who ply their trade with the highest level of skill. Their skill comes from the time-honored Italian tradition of passing knowledge down from one generation to the next. Each craftsman has more than just their own ability: They have the collective knowledge and experience of generations of craftsmen before them.

Tradition and Experience

One of the true keys to Italian success is tradition and experience. Italians have been crafting gorgeous products for centuries. Over the course of these many years, they have developed best practices and techniques that guarantee the creation of high-quality products. This tradition and experience underlie every Made in Italy labor, and every Dorelan-made piece of bedding. Tradition and innovation, when combined, create a powerful approach to manufacturing. 


The quality, materials, craftsmanship, and innovation behind Made in Italy items leads to undeniable luxury. Italian furniture. Italian clothing. Italian jewelry. It is all synonymous with the highest standards in comfort and indulgence. That is why, when you purchase Italian-made  Dorelan bedding, you enjoy a rest experience that is rejuvenating, comforting, and restorative. 

Environmental Friendliness

In a world concerned with climate change, Italian ingenuity and commitment is concerned with environmental friendliness. That is why Italian manufacturers like Dorelan pursue certifications and use tools such as the Life Cycle Assessment to ensure that our materials, processes, and products meet strict environmental standards. Leaving the world a better place is part of the Italian way of life. 

Dorelan is a Made in Italy brand that embraces the qualities that make true quality and luxury obtainable for our customers. We begin with the highest possible standards in materials. We embrace the highest possible manufacturing standards. We follow traditional and time-tested ways of creating bedding, while pursuing relentless research and ingenuity in order to continue meeting the needs of our customers. The result is luxurious bedding designed for your specific sleep needs. Sleep well and live better when you sleep on Dorelan's Made in Italy bedding.

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