The ultimate trip of a lifetime – a cruise ship vacation! And with 20.4 million people as passengers on a cruise ship in 2022, you are not wrong to choose a cruise for that unique breakaway. Cruise ships are typically designed to undertake pleasure voyages between exotic destinations. The destination and the ports a cruise ship travels to are not the only pleasures for the passengers. Passengers aboard cruise ships are entertained with productions, games, fine cuisine, and more.


However, if you do not rest well during your trip on a cruise ship, you cannot join in the many activities and feel grumpy and discontent. Cruise ship bedding is vital in providing you with restful, comfortable sleep. A successful cruise is often synonymous with relaxation and a restful night. That is why cruise ships invest in bedding crafted from premium materials. Many cruise lines partnered with suppliers of the best in cruise ship bedding.

Mattresses and Pillows

Hopefully, your cruise has invested in high-quality bedding from Dorelan with its unmatched Italian quality. They offer high-quality custom mattresses that will give you all the comfort - as if you are in your bed at home. The mattresses are manufactured with leading technology for adequate support, weight distribution, and alleviation of pressure points. Customized mattresses can regulate temperature so that you can enjoy the most comfortable and restorative sleep. Most often, the mattresses are made exclusively for the line. The mattresses on cruise ships are usually firm or medium firm, as cruise ships have to select a firmness that will best suit most of their guests.

If you cannot find that ideal mattress on the cruise you're undertaking, you can compromise by taking your own pillow. Dorelan offers a pillow for each person's requirements and needs. You can find the Myform memory air Respiro pillow that molds to your body and provides support. Respiro alleviates pressure and restores your body while you rest. The Memoria Air Pillow combines the comfort and ergonomics of memory foam with breathability and freshness to allow you to wake up fully rejuvenated to take on the activities on the cruise.

The Emozione pillow adapts to the shape of the neck by balancing support and reducing pressure. It promotes spine alignment and relaxation of neck muscles. The Armonioso pillow has unique orthopaedic contouring available in two different thickness options. It is similar to the Volonta pillow and provides different heights to support the shoulders and the neck. There are many other options of pillows with goose down and feathers, elastic and polyester microfibers, and cover with cotton satin and 100% cotton to get the perfect pillow to ensure a restful trip on the cruise ship.

Sheets and Duvets

Cruise ships invest in sheets and blankets made of the finest material, like cotton. It is soft, durable, and feels the most luxurious against your skin. Egyptian cotton is one of the best. The goal is to provide maximum comfort and temperature throughout the night.   Some cruise lines, like Carnival Cruise Lines, have their own bedding. Dorelan has been a supplier to various cruise lines for decades, including MSC CruisesCosta Cruises, and Ponant.

Dorelan provides duvets suitable for the weather conditions and comfort on your cruise. The bedding is not merely a functional part of your trip. It is an integral part of the overall experience of a luxury cruise.

When embarking on the next exciting cruise, ensure that you will meet with the luxurious bedding offered by Dorelan. Enjoy your trip and all the fun and entertainment the cruise line offers. And with Dorelan, have an unforgettable trip with quality sleep.





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