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Cruises have long represented relaxation, rest, and rejuvenation. That could be why almost 13.9 million people came on board a cruise ship in 2021. While the chance to get away from daily life is a major draw of cruises, one need remains the same—That for a good night's sleep. That is why cruise lines invest large sums into delivering the perfect sleep experience. Have questions about cruise line bedding and what to expect from your cruise rest? Read on to learn more.

1. How can I make my cruise ship bed more comfortable?

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Hopefully, your cruise ship has invested in high-quality bedding, like Dorelan mattresses and pillows. However, if you find your sleep experience to be less than ideal, there are ways to personalize your space and get some better sleep.

Bring your own pillow.

The right pillow will remind you of home and provide any specialized neck and back support you require for a pain-free night.

Pack an extension cord.

If you use a CPAP machine or bipap machine, you may need an extension cord to reach the outlets and use your equipment smoothly.

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Bring a sleeping mask and ear plugs.

The presence of other people on board, in addition to light coming into your room from the hallway, may interrupt your rest. Ensure your comfort by bringing a way to block out both noise and sound.

Pack a mattress topper.

If you want a little extra cushion or support for your sleep, bring a simple mattress topper for a little extra comfort.

2. What bedding do cruise ships use?

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The specific brand of bedding utilized by cruise ships varies. However, there are some qualities that cruise ships all seek to implement into their choices for their guests.

High-Quality Sheets and Blankets

Cruise ships invest in sheets and blankets that are crafted from premium materials. Sheets are likely to have a high thread count and are usually made from cotton or cotton blend materials. The goal is to provide maximum comfort and temperature regulation throughout the night.

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows deliver a unique rest experience because of their ability to form to your specific body shape and deliver customized support to the head and the neck.

Custom Mattresses

The mattress is one of the most important aspects of a good night's rest. Cruise ships frequently invest in some of the highest-quality mattresses on the market. These mattresses are customized to provide the highest level of support, comfort, temperature regulation, and beauty to ensure a deep and uninterrupted night of sleep.

3. What brand sheets does Carnival use?

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As one of the most well-known cruise lines, Carnival offers a comfortable sleeping experience that often has guests wondering what kind of sheets they use. The answer? They have their own exclusive line of bedding known as the Carnival Comfort Collection. Their pillows, blankets, pillowcases, duvets and more are designed to offer the kind of rest that guests expect from their cruise.

4. What size are the beds on a cruise?

Usually, cruise ship cabins have either two twin-sized beds per cabin, or a single bed that is double, queen, or king-sized. The latter arrangement is ideal for couples wishing to share a bed during their vacation. This variety in arrangement makes it easier to find a cabin that will accommodate your sleep needs. Just make sure to ask about the bed arrangement when you book your cabin.

5. Which cotton bedsheets are the best?

When you want a quality, luxurious sleep experience from your sheets, you want cotton sheets with a high thread count. Premium cotton sheets meet the following requirements. You can expect to find them on almost every cruise ship to enhance the supportive and luxurious rest experience you get from the cruise ship mattress.

6. What is the best material for a sheet?

You can choose from many materials for your sheets. Polyester, silk, linen, and even bamboo all make comfortable and serviceable sheets. The best material for a sheet, however, is usually cotton or a cotton blend. Why? Because cotton is a soft, breathable, and elegant material that creates bedding that is conducive to a restorative night of sleep.

7. How firm is a cruise ship mattress?

When you purchase your own bedding, like that from Dorelan, you can pick the firmness you want (along with many other features, such as the material, color, and other specifics). However, cruise ships have to select a firmness that will best suit the majority of their guests. That is why most cruise lines put firm or medium-firm mattresses on their ships. If you prefer a softer feel to your mattress, you can bring your own bed topper, and then buy an exquisite mattress for yourself, in your preferred firmness.

8. Will I get a choice of pillow on the cruise ship?

Most cruise ships do not offer a choice of pillows for your cabin or, if they do, the selection is often limited. However, they usually invest in comfortable, high-quality pillows that will suit the sleep needs of a wide variety of guests. Want more? You can typically request additional pillows once you are on the ship. And, you can always bring your own pillow to enjoy a homelike sleep experience. If you love your cruise pillow, you can always ask about buying the same pillow to enjoy at home.

9. What happens if my bed is uncomfortable?

Cruise ships put a lot of time and effort into providing you with bedding that makes for a comfortable sleep experience. However, if you get to your cabin and find that your bed is uncomfortable, you do have some options.

  • Request more pillows.
  • Ask for a mattress topper.
  • Ask about blanket alternatives.

10. Can you buy cruise line bedding?

Absolutely! If you are impressed by the quality of your bedding, and the depth of your sleep, you can almost always find the mattress and linens you used on your cruise ship and purchase them for yourself.

For example, Dorelan is used and trusted by cruise lines around the world, and we offer those same premium products to customers around the world. Just visit us online or in our Miami showroom to find the Made in Italy bedding that is designed with state-of-the-art technology and exquisite comfort that you experienced on your favorite cruise.


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