The only thing more important than a romantic date on Valentine's Day is a great mattress. If you and your loved one are in the market for new bedding this month, you will want to take the time to find a mattress that can give you both the deep sleep, restorative rest, and, well, fun, that you deserve, on Valentine's Day and all year-round. Try these 7 tips for finding the best mattress for couples.

Shop for mattresses together

The mattress that gives one person sweet dreams can give the other insomnia. One person's firm may be another person's too soft. That perfectly cushioned mattress topper may be unbearable for your partner's back pain.

In order to find bedding that supports both of you in your pursuit of true rest, you need to shop for mattresses together. That means no shopping while your partner is working. 

The couple that mattress shops together sleeps well together, so turn finding the right bedding into a quality date and have fun discovering the perfect way for you both to get the sleep you deserve. 

Try your mattress in person

You don't get married without dating first, and you shouldn't commit to a mattress before you've tried it. A mattress can look good online but disappoint in person, thanks to quality, firmness, or features that simply do not meet your sleep needs. 

Trying your mattress in person is especially important when shopping for two. Thanks to your and your partner's differing sleep needs, trying a mattress out is the only way to discover its suitability for co-sleeping. 

What happens if you simply cannot stop by the mattress store, or find an incredible product that is too far away to visit? Look for offers that let you return your new bedding if it doesn't work out. 

Find bedding with the right spring

Mattresses differ widely in the firmness and bounce they provide, and people differ widely in their preferences. The best mattress for couples is one that provides enough responsiveness to meet your more athletic uses of your bed, while providing the support each of you individually needs to rest comfortably every night. 

This may seem like a lot to ask of a mattress, but the good news is that there are many options from which you can choose. Here at Dorelan, we have developed mattresses that support restorative rest for any body.

Our innovative technology, for example, delivers mattresses that conform to your body and evenly distribute your weight. Their compact molecules support even as they shift to perfectly accommodate your, and your partner's, needs. 

Mattresses that can conform to both you and your partner, respond to your shifting weight, and deliver sleep that leaves you refreshed can be a central aspect of living a good life. 

Let your mattress keep you comfortable

Cold in winter. Hot in summer. Unregulated temperatures can create disrupted sleep for you and your partner. When you shop for a mattress together, you need to consider the bedding's ability to help you keep comfortable all night long. 

If you are throwing off blankets in the middle of the night, while your partner snuggles up under a mountain of quilts, then you need a mattress that makes rest better for both of you. Try something like Dorelan's Memory Clima technology, which helps to disperse heat during the summer and retain it during the winter. 

With a mattress that does some of the work of regulating your nighttime comfort, you and your partner can sleep more peacefully, no matter what the weather is like. 

Look for edge support

If you and your partner want to go Valentine's Day mattress shopping, you will want to purchase one that comes with edge support. Soft edges that quickly sink under your weight can quickly land you on the floor. 

Instead, choose a mattress that can manage your sitting, laying, or rolling around the entire surface of your bed without unpleasant sinkage. The freedom to use your whole bed however you wish can lead to more fun and better rest, on Valentine's Day and any day. 

Choose a mattress that is ergonomic for both of you

Choosing a mattress that supports your health and wellbeing is critical to good rest. However, with two people and two different sets of sleep needs, it may feel like one of you will have to compromise on the ergonomics of your mattress. 

Before you resign yourself to a mattress you don't like because it works for your partner's bad back, consider a Dorelan mattress. Our products give you the best of both worlds: Technology designed to intuitively support both of your bodies in a way that is ergonomic, relaxing, and restful. 

Never compromise on quality

Great online deals can turn into deep disappointment if you end up with a mattress that is cheap in quality and in price. You will be using the same mattress for 5 years or more - Make sure that it is made well enough to provide exquisite sleep and play for both of you for all of those years. 

How can you make sure a mattress is well-made? Look for quality materials, experienced craftsmanship, years of experience, innovative technology, a strong warranty, and a reputation that precedes it. Look for a Dorelan mattress. 

Our Italian ingenuity and tireless research combine with the best materials and a 5-year warranty so you know you are purchasing a mattress that will support you and your partner's rest for many years to come. 

Finding the best mattress for couples can be a fun and rewarding experience, as long as you focus on finding a mattress that suits both of your needs. Here at Dorelan, we are committed to giving you the restorative sleep and good life you crave. Discover all that Dorelan has to offer you and your partner this Valentine's Day!


The average person spends 33 years of their life sleeping. Sleeping well makes us feel better, more alert, energetic, and better able to concentrate and perform. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Read our magazine for the ultimate guide to a good night’s rest!