The cruise and hospitality industries are dominated by the guest experience. Yet, when you think of the guest experience, things like delectable cuisine, a seamless check-in process, stocked minibar, and exceptional customer service come to mind. Oftentimes, sleep doesn’t make the list unless a guest has a specific request.

However, if you cannot provide luxurious, healthy, and uninterrupted sleep, be assured that none of the other elements in the guest experience will compensate for it. The truth is that sleep is just as important as good health, nutrition, and exercise. Better sleep leads to a better life, and a better stay, for your guests.

Why you should invest in rest

After 50 years of creating the most advanced mattresses designed for optimal sleep, Dorelan understands how important the science of sleep is to your guests and, ultimately, your bottom line. With over 10,000 global clients in the hospitality industry, we regularly hear the same feedback:

  • Guests are in a better mood overall, which reduces the chances of negative reviews.
  • Sleep has become an offering in itself, which differentiates the brand and gives it a unique marketing angle.
  • Some hoteliers are even able to increase rates with custom-built rooms integrated with sleep science technologies.

The science of good sleep

If delivering a restful and memorable sleep experience to your guests is part of your vision, you’ll be happy to hear that most of the upgrades needed will be capital expenses with little impact on operating budgets. The implementation can be done according to sensory experiences:

  • Sound: If paper-thin walls are also thinning out the good reviews, consider sound dampeners like thick carpets, heavy drapes, ceiling sound insulation, tighter doorway transitions, or even absorbent décor items like wall art or books.
  • Sight: Our circadian rhythm is programmed to be alert and awake in blue light (sunrise) and become calm and drowsy in warmer red colors (sunset). Instead of using Versicolor spectrum (white) lighting, consider replacing these with smart lighting that adjusts color and strength based on a preset rhythm. You can also incorporate automatic window dimmers and motorized blackout blinds or drapes.
  • Taste: While one may not exactly associate taste with sleep technology, adding a selection of sleep-inducing teas could be a great added touch.
  • Smell: Similar to taste, it might not play a direct role, but the introduction of certain scents like lavender, whether in plant form or aroma-emitting devices, can also enhance sleep.
  • Touch: Now we get to the biggest factors that will significantly influence your guests’ sleep: the mattress itself and the fabrics of the bedsheets. The focus should be on acquiring mattresses that, quite literally, form the foundation for restful sleep. Instead of purchasing from regular retailers, consider mattresses that incorporate technological design and are specifically created for the hospitality industry. Avoid pushing for higher and higher thread count linen, as these prevent a mattress from properly venting out the sides, resulting in overheating, tumbling, and turning.

The art of sleep by Dorelan

At Dorelan, we don’t just create beds. Our fine Italian artisans create a total sleep experience supported by science. Our team of scientists creates high-tech mattress layers for optimal alignment and our superior craftsmanship ensures beds, bases, and even pillowcases that enhance your hotel or cruise ship with the finest art. Having sailed the seas aboard the most prestigious cruise ships and explored the skies in classy cabins, Dorelan quality has just checked into the US.


The average person spends 33 years of their life sleeping. Sleeping well makes us feel better, more alert, energetic, and better able to concentrate and perform. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Read our magazine for the ultimate guide to a good night’s rest!