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When it comes to getting sleep at night that helps you live better during the day, a high-quality mattress is a necessity. While you may be tempted to purchase an inexpensive mattress from a box store, the reality is that compromising on quality means compromising on quality rest.

Why are sleep-grade hotel mattresses worth the investment? In short, because these mattresses are designed to provide the utmost comfort and support for a good night's sleep. Here is a look at the many benefits an exceptionally crafted product can have for your comfort, your rest, and your daily life.

A good night's sleep is essential to your health and wellbeing

Poor sleep quality is endemic within the United States. About 70 percent of Americans sleep poorly at least once a night, while Americans on average feel sleepy at least 3 days a week.

Poor sleep can lead to health issues as serious as diabetes, high blood pressure, or even a heart attack. In addition, poor sleep can, over time, chip away at mental and emotional health, making life less happy as well as less healthy.

A good night's sleep is essential to your health and wellbeing. During sleep, your body and mind,

  • Repairs itself
  • Remembers and learns
  • Creates energy and a sense of alertness

Without the recommended amount of sleep (7-8 hours a night) for most adults, these processes are interrupted, and the cumulative effects can negatively impact long-term health.

Hotel mattresses are the best way to get a good night's sleep

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Since getting a good night's sleep is so elusive, and so important, a sleep-grade luxury hotel mattress could be a wise investment for your home. These mattresses don't just invest in a super-soft feel or an ultra-elegant look. They are scientifically designed to offer support and comfort for deeper sleep. Here is how.

High-Quality Materials

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The best mattresses begin with the best materials. The exact products used can vary from mattress to mattress, but what all hotel mattresses have in common is the use of materials that are known for their ability to add comfort, longevity, support, and eco-friendliness to the finished product. Sustainable, and effective, materials come together to create bedding that can meet your sleep needs, night after night after night.

Advanced Technologies

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While bedding is one of the most basic tools used by humans to advance our comfort and well being, luxury mattresses are infused with advanced, modern technology formed from relentless scientific research.

For example, Dorelan bedding boasts specially formulated materials, such as MyForm, Regen, and more, that use special technologies proven to offer body-shaping support, ergonomic comfort, and a personalized sleep experience for deep, rejuvenating, and pain-free rest. That is why these types of mattresses deliver a higher-quality sleep, consistently, for people with all kinds of lifestyles, bodies, and sleep needs.

Temperature and Motion Regulation

Heat. Cold. Movement. This trifecta of discomfort awakens many sleepers night after night. Box store bedding does little to regulate the sleeper's temperature, or prevent their partner's movements from rocking the whole bed.

Sleep-grade luxury hotel mattresses, on the other hand, are carefully designed to minimize the impact of both temperature and motion on the sleeper.

Advanced technologies and carefully selected materials ensure breathability that maintains a comfortable temperature on hot summer days, cold winter nights, and everything in between. Plus, the right materials can reduce motion transfer, making a partner getting in and out of bed an event that does not disturb one's own deep sleep.


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High-quality mattresses may cost more, but they also last longer. Thanks to intelligent designs and high-quality materials, these beds last for many years. One investment can lead to a lifetime of comfortable, restorative rest.

Hotel mattresses support all types of sleepers.

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Not every sleeper is alike. Athletes need a mattress that can support healing. Chronic back or neck pain sufferers require bedding that offers extra support and keeps their spines in alignment. Side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, those with sleep apnea, those with partners and those without, all have their unique requirements in order to enjoy an uninterrupted and rejuvenating night of rest.

Hotel-quality bedding can provide this type of deep sleep more easily than lower-quality products because they are scientifically designed to cater to a wide range of sleepers. For example, at Dorelan, our MyForm technology is one approach we take to deliver mattresses that respond to individual body types and sleeping positions in order to provide the same level of ergonomic support for almost any sleeper.

With responsive materials and technologies, high-end mattresses can support the bodies, and the sleep of each customer, creating a personalized rest experience.

You can find hotel-quality mattresses at a discount.

Sleep-grade luxury hotel mattresses can be expensive. However, with their ability to deliver many years of supportive, quality rest, they are often well worth the financial investment.

If affording a luxury mattress feels out of reach, the good news is that these bedding solutions are often available at a discounted price.

If you are not happy with your current mattress, consider replacing it with a hotel-grade mattress. Here at Dorelan, bringing Made in Italy quality to your bedroom is our goal, and our collections of stunning mattresses and pillows promises quality rest for you.


The average person spends 33 years of their life sleeping. Sleeping well makes us feel better, more alert, energetic, and better able to concentrate and perform. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Read our magazine for the ultimate guide to a good night’s rest!