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With spring warmth upon us and summer heat approaching, comfortable sleep can be hard to find. Bedroom temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit can interfere with your ability to get asleep and stay asleep. And difficulty sleeping can make your day less productive and less enjoyable. 

Enter Dorelan. Our line of Italian crafted bedding takes your comfort into consideration in every season. That is why each of our pillows relies upon years of research to deliver cooling technology to every night of rest. Discover the unique qualities that make Dorelan pillows the best pillows for getting the best possible sleep.


At the heart of the Respiro pillow's ability to regulate your temperature is the MyForm Memory Air HD technology. Available in our Dorelan beds as well, this material consists of tiny molecules arranged in an open structure. Designed to mold to your body for ultimate support while allowing the free flow of air, this material minimizes heat buildup while creating a total comfort experience. 


Our Emozione pillow is also specially engineered for support and temperature control, thanks to the use of our innovative Regen material. This technology, years in the making, provides the highest possible level of support for your neck because Regen adapts to the curve of your neck to distribute your weight, support proper spine alignment, and relieve pressure. With a low sensitivity to changes in temperature, this material also maintains its elasticity in any season. In combination with a breathable fabric cover, the Emozione pillow provides the comfort you need to sleep like a baby, no matter how hot it gets outside.  

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Our Delizia pillow also leverages the unique cooling properties of MyForm Memory Air technology to create a product that supports your body in any sleeping position while maintaining proper air flow through the pillow. Combined with a breathable fabric cover, this pillow can help reduce heat in your bed throughout the summer so you can enjoy deep sleep and restorative rest. 


The Sorriso Dorelan pillow is created in an elliptical shape for ultimate head support and comes in 3 different heights so you can select the version that provides the best in comfort. Its cooling properties come from the MyForm Air technology which creates a pillow whose porous molecules enhance air flow, no matter what the temperature is outside. Add a breathable cover, and you have a pillow that allows you to enjoy total rest. 


Crafted from the breathable Memory foam and Air technology that make our MyForm Memory Air technology stand out, the Memoria Dorelan pillow promises breathability, coolness, and ergonomic support every night you sleep on it. This level of comfort can only lead to one thing: A deep and restorative night of sleep.

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The Volontà pillow is carefully engineered to provide specialized orthopedic cervical support for customers who need a little extra attention directed to their spines at night. Created with the same MyForm Memory Air technology and breathable cover available in the Memoria and Sorriso pillows, this product maintains a consistent temperature for uninterrupted sleep. 


Our Talento pillow utilizes two different fillings to reach the right level of support and cool comfort for your rest. Each filling contains a specific mixture of down and waterfowl feathers. The internal filling provides support, while the external filling provides a soft and comfortable sleep experience. Thanks to the breathability of these fillings, the Talento pillow provides cooling that enhances your rest. 


Perhaps the most elegant of Dorelan pillows, the Felicita is adorned with pearl gray piping and a fine cotton satin. The satin creates a soothing experience, while the pillow's filling of elastic and resistant polyester fiber creates a breathable and cooling pillow for even the hottest nights. 


MyForm Memory Air HD technology plays a leading role in the creation of our Armonioso pillows. The molding ability of this material promises support for your head and neck, while the superior air flow promises a cool night of rest. Built with a breathable cover, this pillow delivers sleep that is uniquely refreshing. 


In combination with our Dorelan beds, the Movimento pillow provides support from head to toe. Designed to help you maintain proper spine alignment while you sleep, this pillow is crafted with MyForm Air technology to maintain proper air flow and comfortable temperatures all night long. 

Here at Dorelan, helping you sleep well and live better is the goal of every product we create. Discover the pillows and mattresses that work best to keep you cool, comfortable, and sleeping deeply every night. 

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