Dorelan, an icon of Italian luxury, started its journey in a small garage-based workshop in 1968. Since then, they have become the leader in the bedding sector, with unmatched quality rooted in luxury and tradition. Their Italian craftsmanship and innovation have influenced the evolution of mattresses, making them a symbol of comfort and luxury. Over time, it has become the mattress supplying support and comfort to exceed all others as expert artisan bedding. 

The Italian artisans in mattress design dedicate their craftsmanship to quality, with a more refined approach to precision and commitment to creating the most comfortable and durable mattresses. The Italian mattress design has developed from one size fits all to a creation that is as unique as the person who sleeps on them. The uniqueness of each mattress lies in the material used to create it and the technology used to design a perfect mattress for individual needs. The mattresses cater for the sleep needs of growing children, adults who need rejuvenating sleep with different bodily requirements, athletic recovery, and every other need people require for their ideal and comfortable sleep.

 Materials used to create the ideal mattress

 The mattress has undoubtedly transformed from the origin of the first mattress approximately 77 0000 years ago, made of layers of plant material, to what it is today. Even the development in the last ten years has made a significant difference and improvement on the mattress as support and comfort. There are many options of mattresses, from pocket sprung, coils, memory foam, and many others, with the Italian mattress being the cream of the crop.

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The Italian mattress design embraces the highest standards and the best materials to create an outstanding experience of comfort and indulgence. They also contribute to the environment's health by using natural materials and creating a longer-lasting product. New ways are constantly innovated with the help of technology to marry comfort and luxury in the Italian luxury mattress.

 Mattress types

Innovation has led Italian mattress design to provide various types of mattresses through new technology and combined materials based on the firm foundation of tradition. The best mattresses, created and designed with Italian quality, offer unsurpassed support and comfort according to your need.

  • Leading technology is used in the unyielding supportive box edge mattress to support and distribute weight evenly while sleeping. It offers pressure point alleviation and ensures restorative sleep.

  • Classic and redefined design mattresses offer ultra support for the heaviest sleepers through an LFK open coil system and MyForm Memory. The mattress molds the sleeper’s body regardless of shape, weight, or size for a refreshing deep sleep.

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  • Individually coiled mattresses provide support and uninterrupted sleep for each bed occupant. Joined with the MyForm memory foam, it provides stability, support and comfort for each person using the bed with minimal motion transfer, ensuring ultimate sleep and comfort without disturbance during the night.

  • A mattress catering to unique needs is designed with individuals in mind. This mattress makes it simple for each occupant to sleep comfortably with adjustable firmness and minimal motion transfer. It is the ultimate ergonomic mattress with supportive coils and MyForm Memory Formula that supports weight distribution and alleviation of pressure points.

  • The LFK open coil system mattress with a removable My Form Memory Pillow combines Italian luxury innovation for durable weight support while maximizing comfort. This dual comfort technology also offers firmness adjustability on each side of the bed. It provides uninterrupted sleep throughout the night with varying sleep needs, body weight, and shape.
  • Supportive technology and Italian design for ultimate comfort include padded MyForm padding, a pillow top, and supportive coils to sleep comfortably.

  • The unique coil system Armonia with the MyForm Memory formula combines with dual technology for individual firmness for each bed occupant. This mattress adjusts to your moves, not to transfer motion and disturb your partner.

  • Technology and research were used to create a mattress ideal for restorative sleep for athletes. It restores mental and physical balance through research and innovation in creating this unique mattress to improve general well-being and athletes' performance. The Hybrid technology provides the same comfort and breathability of MyForm Memory Air with the added technology of the Armonia independent coils. This spring system features coils inside to isolate movement and uses C/Cool technology for thermos-regulating fabric.

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Italian mattresses designed in Italy are manufactured with innovation, research, and technology to create the best sleeping experience for everyone. It has come a long way in developing and renewing the mattress to provide the ultimate rejuvenating sleep you need. From the look of the bed, the fabric used, and the underlying technology – all is to improve personal sleep.  Dorelan continues to contribute to the legacy of the Italian mattress design, promising a future of unparalleled comfort and luxury for generations to come. Get the best supportive mattress for the required rest you deserve from Dorelan.



The average person spends 33 years of their life sleeping. Sleeping well makes us feel better, more alert, energetic, and better able to concentrate and perform. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Read our magazine for the ultimate guide to a good night’s rest!