Dorelan launches second international location in Miami, United States.

After spending 50 years bringing unparalleled craftsmanship to over 10,000 hotels and over 50,000 cruise ships across Italy and France, the luxurious Dorelan bedding brand is expanding its reach. Their focus is now on bringing the Italian culture of “Sleep Well, Live Better” to a new location in the United States.

“Despite the difficulties of recent months, we wanted to pursue an ambitious development plan aimed at international markets, certain that ‘Made in Italy’ is today, more than ever, a model of values that are greatly appreciated around the world,” says Mario Forcella, Commercial Director of International Markets.

With Dorelan’s 100% Made in Italy reputation in the hospitality sector, it comes as no surprise that luxury brands like Ca' Bonfadini, the Grand Hotel Saint Lucia, and Mirtillo Rosso choose Dorelan quality.

Centrally located in the bustling hospitality hub of Miami

The Miami location is Dorelan’s second international location after Lyon, France, and is of strategic importance. Considered a hub for cruises and a point of reference for the hospitality sector, this location makes Dorelan products easily accessible to all US-based hospitality businesses.

Located at number 6399 on the high-trafficked Biscayne Boulevard, those in the US-based hospitality sector can now have easy access to:

  • Luxurious bedding crafted from raw materials 
  • Ultra-comfortable mattresses with technical layers
  • 100% Italian made beds, bases, headboards, and more
  • Products designed to contribute artistic flair 

A legacy of artistry

Through science, the finest artisans, and Italian craftsmanship, Dorelan’s products promise a certain uncompromising standard:

  • A blend of art and science: Art
    Dorelan’s superior craftsmanship and design ensure beds, bases, and even pillowcases that enhance your hotel or cruise ship with the finest Italian art.
  • A blend of art and science: Science
    Their scientific committee includes university professors, physicians, psychologists, and researchers who work together and use state-of-the-art technology to create mattress layers designed for optimal alignment.
  • Made in Italy
    Dorelan’s reputation for “Made in Italy” isn’t just a phrase, it is the promise of luxurious Italian quality.

About Dorelan

Dorelan was first created in a small garage in Forlì by two distinguished Italian artisans who pursued their trade with the same passion for over 50 years. Now, over 60,000 hospitality clients later, they are converting an ordinary US guest experience into an extraordinary one. Dorelan US can be found at 6399 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL.

Dorelan: Sleeping well, living better.


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