A good night’s sleep is crucial for any person to have a productive life. For an athlete, it is essential to a healthy physique and recovery process. The body goes through stress and requires adequate rest to repair and build muscle, replenish energy, and reduce inflammation. Your choice of mattress plays a vital role in supporting your workout recovery process. The impact of a mattress on health and wellness cannot be overstated. The mattress provides support and comfort for optimal blood circulation, spinal alignment, and pressure relief. There are several health benefits for an athlete provided by a supportive mattress. 

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Energy Restoration

    Waking up refreshed and replenished makes it easier to get right into your exercise routine and get the most out of your daily exercises, moving to the next level. No pains and aches prevent you from continuing the physical activities. With the right amount of sleep on a quality mattress, the body will reach the deep REM stage of the sleep cycle, providing energy to the body and brain and releasing the proper hormones to repair and heal the body. During REM sleep, the hormone melatonin is also released, which helps with anxiety, insomnia, and other bodily functions. Sleep quality on the right mattress can improve an athlete's performance, optimizing for success.

    Mental Focus

      The right level of sleep the supporting mattress provides will keep the athlete’s focus sharp and help with faster brain recovery. A tired body will send signals to the brain at a slower speed, resulting in reduced decision-making and reaction times. An athlete needs quick thinking and fast movements to achieve optimal performance. A supportive, breathable mattress enhances cognitive functions and concentration with restorative sleep.

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      Muscle Recovery and Development

        A person’s body is designed to rebuild itself at night. The growth hormone (HGH) is released at night, strengthening and repairing muscle. Sleep quality determines the release of these hormones for muscle repair and growth. Better sleep will ultimately result in better muscle development. A comfortable mattress will allow muscles to rest, improve the blood flow to repair, and fully recover.

        Spinal Alignment and Recovery

          A good mattress should provide proper spinal alignment, and the mattress's firmness determines that. The extra lumbar support should keep a person’s hips and shoulders from sinking too low while at the same time preserving the natural position of the spine. When correctly aligned, the body can fully relax and recover during a good night’s sleep. A mattress that does not have the correct firmness can lead to restless sleep and pains and aches in the morning – especially after a strenuous exercise session.  

          Temperature Regulation

            Another factor for sound quality sleep is temperature regulation. An ideal temperature leads to a restful sleep, giving the body time to repair and rejuvenate. The perfect temperature for sleep is between 65° - 68°F, and for a body to replenish and heal, a colder room is more beneficial than a warmer one. A mattress that absorbs and helps regulate the body temperature would be another great advantage for an athlete to repair and rest for optimal performance.

            Pressure Relief

              A good quality mattress provides the necessary support and comfort. Blood circulation, spinal alignment, and pressure relief allow the body to rest and recover. During physical exercise, the muscles and joints experience stress, and the pressure relief mattress is essential for workout recovery during a night of deep, restorative sleep.

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              A quality mattress gives peaceful, comfortable, deep sleep, allowing the body to heal and restore during the night. You will experience relief from pressure with correct spinal alignment for a deep sleep. Sleep is an essential part of your fitness journey, and you should invest in the best quality, supportive mattresses of high quality to achieve better results in your athletic endeavors and your overall well-being. Investing in a quality mattress is an investment in your fitness goals. Contact us at Dorelan for the best supportive mattresses for a healthier life.

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