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When it is time to buy a new mattress, one of the most important considerations is how long your new one will last. You want bedding that will offer supportive, restorative, and luxurious rest for many years. 

That is one of the reasons that memory foam is one of the most popular bedding materials available on the market today—Most memory foam bedding has a lifespan that is several years longer than bedding crafted from other materials. Here is a look at what affects the lifespan of a memory foam mattress, and how the Made in Italy quality of Dorelan matches up.

Memory Foam Overview

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Memory foam started as an invention for NASA, intended to aid in mitigating the intense forces present at takeoff. While it never proved satisfactory for NASA or the medical field, it was eventually crafted into a durable and supportive material ideal for bedding. 

Since then, memory foam has been used by the bedding industry to create many lines of mattresses designed to mold to the sleeper's body for maximum spinal alignment, comfort, and support. 

With a lifespan of 8-10 years (with some lasting up to 20), compared to the 5-6 year lifespan of traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses are clearly superior in durability. However, not every memory foam mattress is created equal. Here is a look at some of the factors that can impact this bedding lifespan. 

Foam Density

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Over time, memory foam will lose its ability to conform to the shape of whatever is applying pressure and heat to the material and will lose its ability to bounce back after that pressure and heat are removed. However, the more foam that is present per cubic foot, the more cell structures there are in the bedding, and the longer it will take for them to wear out.

As a result, denser foam layers are usually more durable. Often, the weight of the mattress will give you a general idea of the density, but you can also check with the manufacturer to ensure that your product has enough density to extend its life for 10 years or more. Look for the pounds per cubic feet (PCF) to compare densities between mattresses. The higher the PCF, the more dense the product.

Supportive Inner Layers

Memory foam mattresses are usually constructed of layers that work together to create a supportive sleep experience. When determining the durability of your bedding, look for products that boast strong inner layers. 

The core, or inner layers, of the mattress play the greatest role in spinal alignment, comfort, and product longevity. Thinner top layers that have a solid core will not negatively affect your purchase's lifespan, but a core that is thin, lacking in density, or too soft may last years less than a quality product. 

Support Base Density

Similarly, you should prioritize the quality of your memory foam mattress' support base. This is the foam layer that sits underneath the memory foam portion of your mattress.

While not made of memory foam itself, the base plays an important role in supporting your spine and ensuring your overall comfort both all night and the following day. 

In order to keep this layer going strong for many years, look for a dense support base. High-density foam will break down more slowly and provide ergonomic benefits for longer. 

Mattress Firmness

Mattress firmness is often a subjective thing. Some people prefer firm bedding, while others desire a softer feel. When it comes to durability, however, a firmer mattress may last longer. 

One way to evaluate a mattress' firmness is its ILD (indentation load deflection). This is a measure of how much pressure is required to compress a piece of foam to 25 percent of its original thickness. The higher the ILD, the firmer the bedding is. 

An important factor to consider when purchasing a mattress is that thickness does not always mean firmer, or more dense. A thick mattress may simply have more layers of low-density or low-firmness foam. Two mattresses of the same thickness may wear out at two different times based on the quality of the foam used in their layers. Focus on pounds per cubic foot and the indentation load deflection to find a product that has the feel and the longevity you desire in your bedding. 

Quality Materials

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Finally, memory foam mattress longevity depends in large part on the quality of the materials used in its construction. In addition to high-quality foam, your bedding should be built with raw materials known for their durability, even under the heavy use that comes with a bed. 

Low quality materials, and poor construction, can cause your bed to lose its ability to support you appropriately after just a few years. Or, you may discover rips, tears, or a compromised appearance that detracts from your bed's beauty and functionality. Better materials lead to a better bed.

Dorelan Memory Foam Mattresses

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So how long does a health care memory foam mattress last? When you buy Dorelan, you can be confident that your bedding will provide a restorative night's sleep for many years to come.

Our products are scientifically researched to offer technological features designed for excellent sleep over the long term. That makes our memory foam supremely supportive, totally responsive, resistant to motion transfer and breathable for added temperature control at night. 

We take this excellent foam and put it together with premium raw materials and renowned Italian craftsmanship to create beds that can stand the test of time. With Dorelan, you can bring Italian luxury, and Made in Italy quality, home to your bedroom. Shop today!


The average person spends 33 years of their life sleeping. Sleeping well makes us feel better, more alert, energetic, and better able to concentrate and perform. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Read our magazine for the ultimate guide to a good night’s rest!