Dorelan mattress in a luxurious bedroom

At the heart of the home is the bedroom, a safe, comfortable, and welcoming place designed for many hours of rest. And at the heart of the bedroom is the bed, the place that embraces and supports every moment of well-deserved sleep. 

That bed does more than just make good sleep possible. It also plays a central role in defining your sleep space's style and giving it the welcoming, comfortable feel that makes it the perfect place to rest. As a result, a luxury bed design can be a key component in crafting a luxurious sleep experience. 

A luxury bed design defines the color palette for the room

One of the first features of a room that you notice, however subconsciously, is the color palette of the room and its effect on your psyche. A coastal bedroom may be defined by blues, yellows, beiges, and whites. A traditional space may boast dark, rich shades, while an industrial design may showcase neutral colors. 

Your luxury bed design can define the style of your bedroom by setting the appropriate color scheme for the entire space. Simply select customizable fabrics, feet, and covers in the colors you desire. Add luxury linens and blankets and beautifully encased pillows to craft a bed that sets the look for the entire room. Once you have your bed designed, you can build the rest of your room around those colors to create a space where every inch is stylish, welcoming, and restful. 

A luxury bed serves as the centerpiece of the bedroom

Dorelan's Mimosa mattress in a luxurious bedroom

What is the first thing your eyes settle on when you look into a bedroom? The bed. An appropriately positioned bed can serve as the centerpiece of a bedroom's design—The apex of the calm, restful feeling the room is designed to communicate. 

A bed that is placed in the center of the room naturally serves as the focal point of the room. Place your bed in the middle to immediately make a statement with its colors and design. Then use its position to create symmetry and centeredness that is ideal for styles such as the traditional look. 

A bed that is placed in the corner of the room or in another off-center location more naturally creates space and balance within the room. You can use this extra space to add dressers, wardrobes, or other furniture or to set up the room to make use of the available open area. It may also give your room a more creative or elegant look to create a genuinely unique space. 

A luxury bed sets the design for the bedroom's furniture

Dorelan's Gemma mattress in a luxurious bedroom

Regardless of your personal sense of style, you can find a luxury bed design to match. Industrial. Coastal. Contemporary. Traditional. Modern farmhouse. Each of these styles has distinctive looks that begin with the type of bed you purchase. 

For example, a modern farmhouse design requires a heavier bed, such as a wrought–iron frame. A modern look requires a bold statement piece that can be perfectly fulfilled by a large, creative bed design. And a traditional design requires symmetrical, stately furniture made of rich and elegant colors. 

If you select a bed that matches the style of the bedroom you are dreaming of, you have a centerpiece that guides the rest of your room's setup. Once the bed is in place, you can incorporate other furniture, colors, and finishes that complement your bed and build a bedroom that is the perfect, stylish, reflection of your tastes.  

Luxury bedding completes the bedroom's look

Dorelan's Margherita mattress in a luxurious bedroom

A luxury bed design helps to establish the colors, look, and style of the bedroom. However, the finishing touches that you add to your bed also help to contribute to your perfect sleep space. That is why, when creating your bedroom, you should invest in luxury linens and pillows that match the design of your bed and the overall look of your room. 

For example, light, crisp pillows can add to a minimalist design without compromising on comfort. Large, fluffy pillows over the supportive and breathable pillows you use for sleeping may create a more coastal and comfortable feel. Rich, high-quality linens add comfort and style, while the right blankets and duvets complete the style you desire. Never consider your luxury bed design complete until it is topped with the items that add to the overall design of your room. 

As the focal point of your bedroom, your bed helps to define and guide the design of your space. That means you need to start with the right luxury bed design. And that means you need to start with Dorelan. Many of our Made in Italy beds include upgradable features that allow you to create your own look while enjoying the craftsmanship and long-lasting durability of our finest beds. Explore our offerings today and begin putting together the bedroom of your dreams.


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