Welcoming your loved ones into your home, being the best hostess and providing them with an inviting, elegant space to rest and relax are paramount for a memorable visit. With a passion for aesthetics and the desire to create that comfortable space for any guest, you can achieve an inviting, restful, elegant guest bedroom with the beautifully crafted luxurious bed from Dorelan.

Here are some tips for incorporating the exceptional Italian bed design into that guest bedroom that will leave your visitors in awe.

  1. The Focal Point

 The most crucial factor in a guest bedroom, the bed, should be the focal point of your guest bedroom. Select a design that complements your overall style and color scheme. A cozy bedroom will fit the sleeping space perfectly into the room. You should measure the room available and decide on the best bed to use in the guest room. Consider who your regular guests will be: a couple or a family. Do you want to add two single beds or one bed? The Italian beds, with their sleek lines, sumptuous materials, and attention to detail, create that classy, elegant look and feel like an upscale European hotel. Remember, when adding two beds to a room, keep it symmetrical in an easy way to reduce visual clutter and keep the space streamlined and classy.

Choose a high-quality mattress, comfortable bedding, and pillows. Additional pillows of different materials, firmness, and sizes in the closet give your guests options to choose what they prefer. Luxurious, soft, and comfortable bedding will make a world of difference to your guests’ sleeping experience. Crisp, fresh linen will add that touch of luxury to your Italian bed. An extra set of linen, clean towels, and an extra blanket cater to their needs and extra comfort.

  1. Multifunctional Furniture

Consider your guests’ needs and the space in the room when adding extra multifunctional furniture. Add a comfortable chair and a small table that can be used as a writing desk, with a lamp on the bedside table to provide lighting for reading. Guests sometimes need their space and want to avoid imposing on the shared areas around the house. A small chest of drawers with empty drawer space to unpack their clothes can double as a nightstand. Ensure that there is an electrical socket with a universal charger available near the table or bedstand for charging electronics like laptops, phones, and cameras. If there is enough space for a luggage rack, it makes it easier for the guests to get possessions they will need from their luggage. If space is limited, provide space under the bed, on top of the closet, or – if they stay for an extended period – in an additional storeroom.

  1. Décor and Lighting

Keep the room clutter-free with simple and tasteful decorations. A painting against the wall and a vase with fresh flowers might be enough. Cluttering the spaces with your knick-knacks will remind your guests that they are in an unfamiliar area, and they will feel uncomfortable unpacking or organizing their things. Your guestroom’s décor and style must suit the rest of your home - in painting, drapes, and throw pillows. Warm white paint colors or neutral colors create a calm and relaxing space. The lighting provided can create an ambiance of tranquility but have task lighting like a bedside lamp available for convenience.

  1. Extra Treats

Make it comfortable for your guests and add extras like a scented candle, a warm robe, and a coffee and tea station with packets of coffee, tea bags, creamer, and homemade rusks or biscuits. An extra tray with snacks could make their visit more enjoyable. Have glasses and a carafe of water available in the room. Don’t forget a basket of toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, soap and body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, a hair dryer, and a razor – most often items to be left at home!

Give guests the passwords to the wifi, doors to the garage and front doors, and reading materials about places they could visit or stores to buy souvenirs.  

Following these tips could make your guests’ visit an unforgettable experience. With small touches, you can create the perfect guest bedroom for any visitor. The elegance and comfort of the luxurious Italian beds will change any ordinary guest experience into an extraordinary one! Visit Dorelan today to create your guest bedroom as an oasis for visitors.


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