A trip on a cruise ship is the ultimate dream. Sailing away to exotic destinations while enjoying first-class entertainment, a cruise is an all-inclusive holiday where you can enjoy the finer things in life and relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. Cruise ships provide all these needs – especially the ultimate relaxation, with the rest you'll get in your cabin and comfortable bed. Many international and Italian cruise lines have partnered with Dorelan, the leading company in Italian bedding. Passengers are shrouded in the luxury of Italian bedding. Let’s unravel the secrets behind the exceptional sleep comfort you will experience on a cruise.

Cruise ship bedding
  1. Mattress Comfort

 The unmatched Italian quality of the custom mattresses will give you all the comfort you need for a restful night. You will awake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the activities and entertainment provided on the cruise ship. The mattresses are usually firm or medium firm to cater to most passengers. Dorelan has a range of mattresses, including ergonomic, individual-wrapped coil, MyForm Memory foam with polyester fiber padding, and more premium-quality custom material. Customized mattresses can regulate temperature for the most comfortable, restorative sleep. With these mattress collections, you will have all the comfort of being at home. Most mattresses are made exclusively for the cruise line to withstand the unique challenges of sea life while providing exceptional support and comfort.

  1. Elegance of Luxury Linens

Cruise ship linens are synonymous with luxury and comfort. Dorelan has provided luxury bedding to the hospitality industry for many years. Their exquisite bedding lets passengers enjoy total relaxation. High-quality cotton or cotton-blend sheets, 100 percent Egyptian cotton crafted from the finest materials, are part of the luxury linens on the cruise beds. Dorelan’s dedication to craftsmanship is evident in every thread of their linens. Sheets have a high thread count to provide comfort throughout the night. The bedding is not merely a functional part of your trip; it is an integral part of the overall experience of a luxury cruise.

  1. Plush, Pleasant Pillows

Cruise lines do not provide a choice of pillows. However, they do invest in comfortable, high-quality pillows. Additional pillows can be requested, and the more luxurious suits offer more comprehensive options, like down-and-feather blends, memory foam, polyester, scented silk, and buckwheat. Hypoallergenic pillows can be asked for in advance. If you are a picky sleeper regarding a pillow, visiting Dorelan for the perfect fit is a good idea. Dorelan offers a pillow that fits each person's requirements and needs. You can find the MyForm memory air Respiro pillow that molds and supports your body. Respiro alleviates pressure and restores your body while you rest. The Memoria Air Pillow combines the comfort and ergonomics of memory foam with breathability and freshness to allow you to wake up fully rejuvenated to take on the activities on the cruise. The Emozione pillow adapts to the shape of the neck by balancing support and reducing pressure. It promotes spine alignment and relaxation of neck muscles. The Armonioso pillow has unique orthopedic contouring available in two different thickness options. It is similar to the Volonta pillow and provides different heights to support the shoulders and the neck. Pillows with goose down feathers, elastic and polyester microfibers, and a cover of cotton satin and 100% cotton to get the perfect pillow to ensure a restful trip on the cruise ship.

  1. Cozy, Homey Blankets

Blankets crafted from premium material, such as cotton, polyester, or cotton-poly blend, are soft, durable, and feel luxurious against your skin. They are the ideal bedding to slip into after a fun-filled day on the cruise to rest and recover for the next day’s experiences. The cruise lines offer duvets and more to give the guests the rest they expect on a luxurious cruise. 

  1. Ultimate Sleep Comfort with Cruise Ship Bedding

Through a blend of innovative design, premium materials, and unwavering dedication to quality, Dorelan offers a transformative sleep experience for the cruise lines. Passengers embarking on a voyage of a lifetime can rest assured, knowing that they will experience that peaceful night's sleep with the unparalleled comfort of cruise ship bedding.


The average person spends 33 years of their life sleeping. Sleeping well makes us feel better, more alert, energetic, and better able to concentrate and perform. Getting quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Read our magazine for the ultimate guide to a good night’s rest!